Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate Filled Butter Cookies

I LOVE danish butter cookies. Love, love, love with a passion (and some days more than my child). But after Christmas is over and done with, I am done eating them for the year. (they are only good at Christmas time right?)

This year, like every year, I ate more than I needed to. Christmas came and went and I was stuck with 2 tins of these cookies. (yes I should have made my own from scratch but I was too busy enjoying my babys 1st christmas!)

So what do you do with 2 tins of butter cookies laying around? Eat them ofcourse Turn them into Chocolate Filled Butter Cookies Sandwiches of course!

I made 2 different kinds. Some had plain chocolate (Hersey's kisses) and the other ones had Chocolate and Carmel (Rolo's) - And yes all that candy was also left over from Christmas and needed to get eaten up or thrown away!

The cookies turned out DELICIOUS! So stinking good! You should definitly try them! I brought all the cookies into my work, and everyone tried them out.  The cookies made with the chocolate and carmel were eaten right away. While the ones with plain chocolate are good also, I think the carmel was the topper.

Here is the easy peasy recipe ( I am almost ashamed at how easy this is and how good they are)

Danish butter cookies (I used Royal Dansk)
Bag of either Rolo's or Hersey Kisses - although they do make hersey kisses with carmel

Heat oven to 250, place cookies on tray. Un-wrap and place chocolate on top of cookies. Put into oven for 7 minutes. Take out and put top of cookies on, press down lightly

P.S. - I told you it was super easy
P.S.S.- Good luck not eating all of them, I luckily gave mine away or I would have


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