Friday, March 4, 2011

Handy Hubby

I basically work 4 months out of the year. Well.... I nanny almost all year round, but I only work tax season during well tax season. So from January to April I am busy. I missed most of last years tax season because I had a baby in February. So this year, hubby has had to pick up our kid from my work on his way home. He is then in charge and makes dinner, gives baths, and puts kid to bed. Typical stuff...

Except this week Hubby has decided that we own too much stuff and has taken it upon himself to de-clutter our house. ugh!!!! While its nice to have help once in a while, he has taken it upon himself to start a goodwill pile. Some of which the stuff in that pile I still actually use. So I am forced to go thru whatever he is getting rid of. (because of course as soon as its out of your house, you actually need it)

He could be going thru his own dresser and closet and cleaning that out but nooooo. He is going thru the other closets (ie: blankets) and our sons room. Which is now screwing up my routine of going thru our sons room every month and packing up the clothes that no longer fit.

Its funny how hubby doesn't notice this stuff all year long, until he is home and having to do the housework. Bahahahaha

Sometimes I am thankful I get to work so that he can see what its like to take care of the house and kid.


  1. Please tell "Handy Hubby" to come over to my house! I could use some help with my clutter! I'll cook for him too! PS. You crack me up! xoxo

  2. I'll send him right over! He'll come running when he hears you will cook for him!


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