Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's His Name?

As you may, or may not know, my son has an unusual name. Jakah (pronounced jay-ka) is not found in any baby book. When you google search it, nothing really comes up except for a few people on myspace or facebook and a city in Afghanistan. (you totally just googled it didn't you!)

He was not named after any of those things. A way long time ago (about 8 years), my husband and I had been dating for a year or so. I was working at the tax office (yes the same one I still work at!). A really CUTE guy came in, and his name was Jakah. I loved it (not just because the guy was cute either) I got off work and remember telling Casey that if I ever had a son, I really liked the name Jakah. He luckily also really liked it.

When I became pregnant, we picked out names for both a boy and a girl. We both had dreams it was a boy. But didn't want to tell each other just in case we were wrong Ha Ha! We found out it was a boy, and told both our families that we had decided on naming him Jakah. (just had to decide on a middle name) Both our families didn't seem to like the name very much (which only made us like it even more!) For a month we debated back and forth on the middle name. Casey really wanted to use his grandpa's name, and so we decided on Jakah Eldon :)

Usually when we go out people as his name and think I say Jacob. I usually don't correct it because they are strangers that I won't ever see again. But at the Dr. he has been called Jakiah, Jacka, or they just stumble threw it until it sort of sounds right. (one of his grandpa's can't even say it and just calls him Jake which... irritates me) Unfortunately it will be something he has to correct his whole life. But he also has a name that is very uncommon, and hopefully people will remember him better because of it.

P.S. We still have a girls name and another boys name picked out for if and when we decide to have another kid.
P.S.S. It has been such beautiful spring weather here!

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