Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Love with a Shop

I have been looking around, trying to think of some cute spring ideas that I want to make. Of course I am going to make some sugar cookies, I picked up a new butterfly and flower cookie cutter yesterday (poor boys at my house! Good thing cookies all taste the same no matter what shape they are in!)

But as I was looking around online, visiting some blogs I like to read I found this site. Layer Cake Shop I think I am in love with you. They have so many cute and adorable things to buy! I may have to find another job just to pay for the stuff I want!

Look at this adorable Monter Truck Cookie Cutter ... I want it! (I have been informed that monster trucks are not adorable, they are awesome and in no way am I to use girly words near any form of them)
They have so many cool things that I really can't decide. I would love some edible glitter also.... Hmmm

Sigh.... I am going shopping for some new baking supplies tomorrow. I think if I don't find what I want I may be putting an order in here!

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