Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will Work for New Hobby

So... as much as I LOVE baking, and LOVE my new oven, my waist isn't loving all the treats I have been making. I am in a wedding in July and want to look good, so I need to lose a few pounds.
So I am looking for a new hobby. I think I want to get into sewing. I sew a little with my mom. Seems like fun. I have been looking into buying a sewing machine.
I really like this one

And its cheaper thru Amazon.com than anywhere else I have found it. I am just trying to decide if I need to buy such a fancy one to just start out on. I could buy a cheaper one, and if I like it always upgrade later....
Decisions, Decisions

In the mean time I have picked out some fabric that I like. I am going to make my friends daughter a birthday dress. I have already made one for my niece and think it turned out really cute!

I am also going to attempt to make Jakah an Easter vest. Because honestly I have no idea what to dress little boys in for Easter. But my husband said absolutely no sweater vest. So I am going to make a tuxedo type camo vest, and sew a camo tie onto a shirt for him. Honestly, nothing says Easter like camo Ha ha!

Look as this awesome fabric I found, makes me want to make something today!

I have others, like the Camo but I forgot to take a picture of it :)

P.S. Will the rain ever stop!!!
P.S.S. Oh it did stop.... and snowed this morning instead!

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