Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 years....

6 years ago this weekend Casey and I were contemplating hopping a plane to Vegas and eloping. But instead we stayed and went on with our wedding.

My family flew in from both Michigan and Arizona for the wedding. And of course when there is that much family around things are sure to happen. And low and behold, my younger cousin decided to inform my youngest sister the deep, dark, family secret. My youngest sister  is actually my half sister. She has a different dad. Of course all of this came out days before my wedding. So the entire family was fighting and trying to not let anymore people know the secret. It was a fiasco! You could cut the tension at the wedding with a knife.

Luckily there was enough alcohol that I didn't care. I had planned the details of that day out for a year and a half and I was determined to let nothing ruin it! (it cost a lot people!) I don't remember all the details that I had fretted about. The day when by in a blur. I remember it being so hot. Because we had an outside wedding we chose the only weekend in Washington to have a 10% chance of rain. (It has yet to rain on my anniversary since!)

So here we are, 6 years later. So many things have happened in the last six years, yet it seems like only yesterday we were married. We have traveled the world together.Remodeled our house (an on going process), been thru a strike, lost best friends, made new friends, dealt with grandparents dying (I miss you Pop!) and able to be at the hospital for all of our nieces and nephews being born (4 to be exact!). We have become parents and are learning the ropes of parenthood, and (as cheesy as it sounds) made our house a home.

I wouldn't trade the last 6 years of our lives for anything, and I can't wait to see what the next 60 years bring for us.

Thank you Mr. Neilson for the last 6 years.

Here are a few pictures of our wedding day! It was so hard to choose out of the 700 pictures we have!

My Best Friend since 2nd grade!! (and only follower) Hi Sally!! :)

How sad is it that we don't talk to any of the groomsmen anymore?

Casey's favorite picture of course


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