Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heart Healthy Diet... say what???

2 weeks ago I went to the Dr for my yearly exam. Nothing out of the ordinary really except they decide to do a cholesterol test. Ok no problem. Go over and have my blood drawn (which for the first time ever I did not pass out! Yay!)

Fast forward to Sunday, I finally check my mail and I have a letter from the Dr. "You have high cholesterol, you need to make diet and exercise changes. Please come in and get re-checked in 6-8 weeks"

WTF! I am 29 years old! And here I have horribly high cholesterol. Ugh Seriously! So for the nextt 6-8 weeks my diet consists of oatmeal or cheerios for breakfast, tons of fruits and veggies (which we have already been eatting since we cut out all processed foods), Chicken, Walnuts and Almonds (but not too many they are high in calories) and Fish Oil pills (because of course I don't eat seafood, hate the stuff) Oh and of course cutting out butter (Oh how I love thee)

Seriously I never thought that at 29 I would have to go onto a heart healthy diet and worry about my cholesterol. Maybe my results were a fluke. I did have coffee with flavored creamer before the test. Because I didn't know they would be testing........

So hopefully I will lose some weight (I have 10 lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight! Which I have been working on losing - hint cutting out all processed foods and only eatting healthy) and my cholesterol will go down.

Wish me luck!

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