Friday, July 15, 2011

Pita Pizzas

I have been missing for a few months. Havn't really had much to say. I havn't been baking because we are trying to not eat sweets. And I have had a lot going on in life that hasn't made me very happy. I didn't want to go into on here or have my yucky blah attitude come thru either. But hopefully I will  be back. We have done a lot of things in the past months so I should have lots to tell you about.

Yesterday I made Pita Pizzas for dinner. Normally I make these on the BBQ but since it was raining I made them with the broiler. They are super easy and yummy.

All you need is some pita bread, pepperoni, spaghetti sauce and mozzerella cheese. (you can add whatever you like to these, this is what my husband likes on his pizza lol)

First you melt some butter and spread it on the pita. Slip it into the broiler and let it get brown.

Once brown, take out and turn over so crispy side is down. (makes a yummy crust!) And spread spaghetti sauce on the top. And then add your toppings.

Put back into the broiler until cheese is melted and pizza is hot. Usually about 5 minutes (unless you are me chasing a toddler around and forget all about them and burn them to a crisp and have to start over)

and TA DA

Yummy Easy Pita Pizzas :)

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