Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going to the State Fair

After the parade we took Jakah to the fair. We were asking for trouble since he wasn't going to be able to take a nap that day. Ugh! But he did pretty good. Ended up falling asleep in his stroller for a half hour. That has never happened!

I worked at the fair as a teenager. Casey's sister's used to show cows with the FFA at the fair. Good times! We have a lot of memories of growing up there. We usually fun into atleast 15 people we know when we go. But this time we didn't... only 5 I think Ha ha!

We ate fair food (of course!) but were a little disappointed with it. It was expensive and not as good as usual.

Since Jakah is still too little to take on the rides, we took him around to look at the trucks, 4-wheelers, and tractors. (way cheaper to let him ride those for free!)

We walked him around to see the cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and dogs. He thought he was getting away with touching the animals when he would stick his hand thru the fence and pet them. He laughed when the sheep said "baaaa"

There is a tractor museum there. Pretty cool stuff too. He was in heaven looking at the tractors!

After a couple hours he was done. Which is fine cause we were too Ha ha! I'm sure once he can ride the rides we will have to be there all day!

Its just another sign that summer is ending. School starts the day after the fair here. Mostly because all the kids are working at the fair, or showing animals at the fair.


  1. The Fair is the same every year and yet we still must go! :)

  2. Yay you can do comments now! :) And yes, its always the same and we have to go!


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