Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Stupid Neon

Here's a little story about a stupid little car... the neon...

7 Years ago (holy moly 7!?!) Casey needed to buy a commuter car for work. We had been looking for a few months (ok he looked way more than I did). One day in November, he took his dad out with him to look at cars. I can't remember what I was doing, probably something super important like painting my toe nails... anyways I get a call around 4 in the afternoon. "Bring me the checkbook, I bought a car." Uh.... hm.

Now at this time we were living in our house, and saving all our money to pay for our wedding that was coming up in July. So the money he was putting down on his car was the money we were saving to pay for our wedding.

I was mad. No mad isn't really the right word... livid. Was seeing white I was so pissed. I drove the checkbook down to him, threw it at him and left. Never even looked at the stupid car. I didn't talk to him for an entire week. And If anyone knows me, I get over being mad about 20 minutes after it starts. But this time I was PISSED

(Now I know he needed a car to get to work and all, but he could have called and said he was thinking about buying it, what did I think? Did I want to see it? Yada Yada You know a normal conversation people that are getting married might have)

So.... I have always hated that car. I protested driving it for about 2 years. The only reason I did end up driving it is because Casey said "Do you need me to show you the right way to drive a stick shift." Again... Livid. And yes, challenge accepted.

I've had my battles with the stupid neon, always seem to lock the keys in it (stupid!) and I was the one driving it when it was involved in a hit and run in the parking lot of Kohls. (so apparently its my fault?)

But yesterday we sold it to my brother-in-law. Hooray!!! He needed a new commuter car for work (he works at the same place Casey does) And we sold it to him for cheap.

As much as I hate that stupid neon its a bitter sweet feeling selling it. The truck Casey had bought when I met him was traded-in for my mom car. And now the car he bought when we were getting married is gone. Guess when you have been together a billion years things will come and go. Its just a little wierd, but not wierd enough for me to be upset that the stupid neon is gone!

One of the best days of my life!

Goodbye Stupid Car!

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