Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ocean Shores 2011

My husband's family has been going to Ocean Shores, WA forever. In fact his parents honeymooned there, and so I have been told, been going back atleast once every summer since. I have only been going with them for the past 10 years. (only 10 years! LOL) Over the past 10 years, I have realized that his family likes to do the same things when we are there. Always go to the arcade, always go ride go-carts, always go to the jetti. Sometimes I don't really want to go because of these things. And we usually camp. I'm not the biggest fan of camping, but its has been fun since they have a trailer. But now that the family has 3 kids under 3, there isn't enough room in the trailer for all of us and all of the kids. So we bunked up with all the kids in a hotel. It actually was really nice. There was a pool to take the kids to, and they could run around the room and play without sitting in rocks and dirt.

I had a great time! It was nice to be able to go back to our hotel and just get away from everyone for a little while. We had so much fun taking Jakah to the pool and the beach.

Doesn't everyone put their kid in a sand hole?

My boys

Cousin swim time!

Puddle Jumping

1st time riding the bumper cars

Dance off!

Playing some skee ball

Digging his hole



  1. I thought it seemed awfully quiet over the fence! It looks like you guys had a great time!! :)

  2. Better to vacation than live there! I took my kids there for spring break last year because I wanted to see how it changed. I lived there for 3 years when I was in early elementary school so I barely remember, but living in a beach town is not nearly as fun as visiting!

  3. I would never want to live in a beach town! But it is definitly fun to visit :)


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