Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Weekend Projects

We have a long list of house projects that we need to get to this summer. We need to stain the deck and fence, tear apart my bathroom and re-drywall it, and make a play area for Jakah. Unfortunatly we havn't really had a summer to do them.

Friday, I happened to be driving back from the store and passed a moving sale. Normally I don't bother stopping at garage sales, but a giant plastic playtoy caught my eye. So I turned around and went to look at it. Good thing I did. There were 2 of them at this moving sale. One had already sold for $75. The one left was marked for $50. I happened to be looking at it, and the lady yelled out "I'll take $30 for that, I just want it out of here!" I ran over and paid her the $30 right away. Even if I didn't want to keep it, these plastic climbing things sell for $75 - $100 on craigslist. Figured I could always re-sell it.

We cleaned it up and it looks pretty nice. :) Looked it up online and found out they retail for $500 + shipping. WOW I feel like I scored big time!

To complete the project, we decided to make a play area for Jakah. We tore out all the sod. (by hand of course!) And Casey built a border and filled it with cedar chips. Much easier to mow around than moving it all the time!

Looks pretty good! And was a quick weekend project. And of course Jakah LOVES playing there now.

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