Friday, September 23, 2011

Buster Browns

My grandpa, Popi, was amazing. His favorite holiday was Christmas. He loved buying gifts for other people, and then watching them open it. He loved wearing his santa hat, and had every Christmas decoration. The few times we were able to travel to Michigan for Christmas were amazing. And honestly, Christmas hasn't been the same for me since he passed.

I loved calling him once a week and just talking to him. He had 6 grandkids, and only 1 of them was a boy. I think he loved having mostly granddaughters.

He also loved shopping. And was always looking for the "gonga deal". He was pretty good at it. When I visited him around 6 years ago he would take me shopping. On senior citizen day of course. He got a discount. (That trip is where I fell in love with Kohl's and desperatly wished they would open one here in Washington) He picked out 5 or 6 outfits for me that trip. Of course we had to get shoes and purses to match! My Popi rocked!

For a few short years, I was lucky enough to live close to him. Of course this was when I was little and living in Arizona. He would take me shopping, and pick out all of my clothes and shoes. It got to the point that only my Popi was allowed to buy me shoes. (always atleast 4 pairs at a time. And my parents wonder where my love of shoes comes from) Of course when we moved away from them, my parents had to call him with my shoe size and he would buy them and ship them to me.

I still miss him horribly. I am sad that he has never gotten to meet any of his great-grandchildren. He would be happy to know that the tables have turned and now he has 3 great grandsons, and 1 great granddaughter. It also makes me happy to know that he was able to see atleast one of his granddaughters get married (me, I am the only one married LOL)

Today I took Jakah shopping for some new shoes. I found him an awesome pair of Buster Browns. On clearance for $10.

I had a sudden urge to want to call my Popi and tell him. See he loved buying me Buster Browns. So while I am sad that I am not able to call and tell him, It makes me happy to know that the tradition has passed on to me and my son.

And I'd like to think that Popi would say "You found a GONGA deal Audie"


  1. This is so sweet! It makes me think about my grandma and how much I miss her! You are the best "gonga deal" finder there is! Popi would be so proud!

  2. Awe thank you :)Your grandma was amazing, I miss her too


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