Friday, September 30, 2011

Dowel Wreath

Do you remember  the Dowel Wreath out of the Lowe's Magazine (you can read the post here) I was talking about?

Instructions to make your own Dowel Wreath are from Lowes website. I am putting the instructions from their website here.


Step 1: Use a miter saw to cut a 2"×48" dowel into 36 discs: 9 at 1-1/4", 9 at 1", 9 at 3/4", and 9 at 1/2". Sand the faces and edges of all discs with medium-grit sandpaper.
Step 2: Pair each 1-1/4" disc with a 1" disc and glue each pair together side-by-side. Allow glue to dry for several hours.
Step 3: Use a compass to draw a 9-1/2"-diameter circle on a piece of cardboard or paper. Cover the drawing with waxed paper; this will prevent the glue from sticking in Step 4.
Step 4: Use the drawing as a guide to arrange the 9 pairs of glued discs in a circle --alternate the 1-1/4" discs with the 1" discs. Glue the pairs of discs together, maintaining the circle shape. Allow the ring to dry.
Step 5: Arrange the 1/2" and 3/4" discs in a second ring outside the first, alternating the sizes, and then glue them along the outside of the first ring. Allow the glue to dry overnight.
Step 6: Leave the wood raw or finish with paint, stain, or a coat of polyurethane.

Here's how mine turned out! :)

First the boys cut the wood for me

Next I sanded them all down and glued them together

After that dried overnight, I glued them into a circle shape

Again had to wait for that to dry, and then glued the outside circles

Then stained and and put a coat of polyurethaned it.

Hung it on the door

I LOVE it!!!

Jakah liked the rings so much we ended up making him some blocks, that he LOVES playing with!


  1. That looks great! :D

  2. I forgot to tell you that this wreath and blocks look AWESOME!!!! Love it!


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