Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Levels

My husband had a really hard time turning 25. His grandpa died in his 50's. (he was very close to his grandpa) So at 25, he had his mid-life crisis. It was a tough year for him. And eventually, He bought himself a Toyota. Wanted a "project" to work on at home. See he loves engines, trucks and his job involving both of those. But he wanted a project he could work on, and make it into whatever he wanted. Oh and he wanted to be able to go wheelin'.

One of my adorable nephews :)

The Toyota was fun for a while, hauled our dirt bikes around for us, and we were able to go wheelin'. I usually had to ride with my brother-in-law since the Toyota was a 2 seater.

Which is what brings us to Fun Levels.... While I was pregnant, Casey decided he wanted a wheelin' truck that fit more than 2 people. He wanted to be able to take Jakah and myself out with him. So he, very convincingly talked me into a 4 runner body. He wanted to keep the truck frame and motor. Promised me that my fun level would go up to 100%.

So this happened....

My fun level hasn't gone up yet! But apparently its because it wasn't done. Of course not! The never ending "project"

He has now finished it!

It is now John Deere green.

And you know what.... My fun level still hasn't gone up! That liar!

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