Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oregon Road Trip - Day 2

On our second day of the adventure, we had to kill some time while we waited for my sister to get off work. So we walked down and had breakfast and took Jakah swimming again. (He loves swimming! I think we took him twice a day)

As soon as she got off work, we all headed down to the Eugene Farmer's Market. I usually love me a good farmer's market, but I don't think I am hippie enough to go to this one.

Either way here are some pictures from it

Anyone ever tried cheddar cauliflower?

Apparently this is a shoe rack! I thought it was a cute kids eating bench

Wish I could pull off headbands

After eating a whole thing of blackberries
Figured Jakah needed to go out and run some more after all the car rides, so we took him to Skinner Butte park. (I am seriously still 10 and love to call it Skinner Butt Ha ha ha!)

The park is crazy cool!

There was a water area, but of course Jakah didn't want to play in the water. Mostly because he found the mud from all the water and wanted to play in that.

We ended the day off with a BBQ at my sister's boyfriend's house. I guess it was the Oregon Duck's season opener game. (totally not into college football, or the ducks at all)
Had delicious food cooked by her boyfriend Matt. But since his house wasn't very kid proofed (why would it be, they don't have kids), Jakah and I spent most of the time down the street at the park. Where he of course stole a little girls doll stroller and took her doll for a walk. Why are boys obssessed with doll strollers?

Up next.... Day 3!

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