Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oregon Road Trip - Day 3

Ah day 3! Jakah didn't sleep the night thru, and ended up in bed with us for the first time in his life! He also turned 19 months old.

We decided to drive to Crater Lake. Its all Casey and I really wanted to see while in Oregon. Its 3 hours away from Eugene.

We started the trip with a stop at Voo Doo Doughtnuts. Mostly because I had seen them on the Food Network and they had just opened one in Eugene.

Jakah loved it!

What kind of wife would I be if i didn't buy my husband a creme filled cock n ball doughnut?

After doughnuts to go, we were on our way. First stop, Salt Creek Falls.

The Boys

After a quick hike down to the falls, and a potty break we were off again! .................and 2 hours later we finally made it!
I should mention here that my kid doesn't sleep in cars. Awesome... And hadn't slept the night before... even better! So by now he was whiney, crying and so super crabby! It was ridiculous ugh! So we were all a little grumpy from being stuck in the car with him.

Crater Lake FINALLY

What! a photo proving I was on this trip!

The water was so clear and blue!

There are a lot of hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls to go see. But at that point his mommy and her baby were just done. We still had 3 hours to drive home!

So we ate lunch and then were off, but not without a stop to play in the snow

Snow with Shorts

Sliding down the hill

My husbands idea of taking my picture

I bought Jakah a semi-expensive hat that I love

Yay! Heading back!
And that pretty much sums up our Oregon Road Trip. The next day we drove home, but not without a stop at the outlet mall where I found Jakah some clothes at Gymboree (sales tax free of course!)

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