Friday, September 9, 2011

Oregon Road Trip

My youngest sister moved to Eugene Oregon about 3 years ago. We have never gone to visit her, She usually comes up here. But my mom decided she was going to go down for Labor Day weekend. Casey and I decided to tag along.

Why in the world I thought it would be a good idea to take a cranky, teething, (4 back teeth to be exact) 19 month old on a 6 hour car ride is beyond me.

We left Thursday night, around 5. Mostly because Casey had to work, and we thought maybe Jakah would sleep in the car. Ha ha ha ha! We're silly.

Made it there without much excitment, except Jakah finally decided to pass out at 9:30 (2 hours after his normal bed time) He did this by covering himself up with his blanket.

Of course he woke up as soon as we got to the hotel around midnight. Ugh!

Friday morning Jakah was bright eyed and busy tailed at 7 am... So we got up and walked down to Sheri's for breakfast. We had to wait for my sister and her boyfriend to get to the hotel anyways. They finally showed up and we decided to drive an hour and a half to Florence where the sand dunes are.

We found a place that has go carts, bumper boats, a train ride and a dune ride. It was big enough for us all to fit on, and Jakah got to sit in his car seat.

Jakah and Casey both LOVED the dune ride. They took us down by the ocean and all thru the dunes. It was super fun! But it made me wish I was out riding my dirt bike in it. Someday!

After the dune ride we drove over the the park that also has a lake. The water was really warm! And the sand is so soft and fine! Like Hawaii sand. I was amazed

We had a great day! And I love the sand dunes!

To be continued.........   (we had 4 days of fun!)

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