Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pushing My Buttons


I know your dad has been working a lot these past 2 weeks. I know he had to work last Saturday, and its looking like he is going to have to work this Saturday. I know you miss seeing him and hanging out with him. I also know you are getting not one, but 5 back teeth all at once. (because you have never gotten 1 tooth at a time, they always come in giant groups of 3-5) I also know you are 21 months, and you are trying to be even more independent than you once were.


I am done. You have pushed almost every button I have, and some I didn't know I had. But I don't see how I can handle anymore.

No more dumping out the dog's water, no more throwing your blocks thru the living room, no more climbing the back of the couch to look down at the stairs, no more getting behind the tv fence and touching the tv, No more jumping or body slaming the dog, no more whining for no reason, no more running all of your trucks into my ankles (or into the dog for that matter), and I am really over you arching your back and screaming everytime I try to put you in your carseat or stroller.

Oh and please stop screaming bloody murder when I try to cut your toe / finger nails. I am pretty sure the neighbors are going to call the police because they think I am beating you. (I am totally NOT beating him!)

So please be nice to your mama. Or I will cry, call in a grandma, and go take a mommy time-out in my room with this.
Thank You,
Your Maaaa Ma


  1. You know what? Sometimes you just need to drive away.... :) I feel your pain here!!!!!!!! Maybe see if Grandma will watch him for a few hours one day just so you can be by yourself?!

  2. Its much easier said than done LOL Darn those working grandma's Luckily Casey got out of working tomorrow :) Mom day off!


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