Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sitting around eating bon-bons

I met a friends boyfriend a few days ago. He is apparently 26 (acts like he's 17) and they have a 9 month old son. The baby wasn't planned, so they have had to grow up pretty fast. (she is 22).

I talked with the boyfriend for a while. He is very chatty! Tells us about his car 14 thousand times... (I don't care)

He asks us questions about us, we answer. We ask him questions, and he turns it back to us... Hmmm...

He makes a comment to me that really makes me mad.

"Aren't you grateful that your husband works and provides everything for you?"

Let that sink in for a minute... Here is some guy that I just met asking me that question.

First off, Yes, I am grateful and extremely lucky. Second... I work two jobs. One is during the school  year, and I am able to bring Jakah with me. The other is during tax season, and again I am able to bring Jakah with me, and Casey picks him up on his way home. I know I am lucky to have this sort of situation.

We also chose, and were able to have me, stay at home to raise our son instead of putting him into a daycare. Again I am grateful and extremely lucky to be able to do this. BUT this is our choice. We choose to go without things for this to be possible. (and yes, as an accountant I am very good with money and a budget)

I guess the reason it makes me mad to hear this comment is because A) He just met us and B) I don't sit around on my ass all day eating bon-bons. I do everything around the house, including the outside stuff (like mow the lawn), along with raise our son. Oh and still work. While this guy talks about buying performance parts for his car and expects his girlfriend to do everything (and pay for everything) pertaining to their son...

Really just pisses me off and I really just wanted to tell him to Grow the F&*% Up!

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