Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smart Phone-less

I love gadgets. I love kitchen gadets and techie gadgets. I usually have most of them (the ones I want atleast...)

But I am pretty sure I am the only person left in the world that doesn't have a smart phone. Oh my husband doesn't have one either. Its not that I don't want one, cause I really REALLY do. Really! Its cause I am cheap. I have a really hard time paying for internet on a phone when I already pay for internet for the house. That still doesn't stop me from wanting one. I keep hoping the costs will go down and my husband will say ok. My phone keeps breaking a little more everyday (I may, or may not be helping that along)

I really wish I had on here while on vacation in Oregon....

Sigh.... I want to take cool pictures from my phone and have GPS whenever I want it. Oh and go on facebook whenever, where-ever.....


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  1. I agree! You can do so many cool things with a smart phone! I like the fact that you can also store all your music on there too! Someday! :)


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