Monday, October 3, 2011

20 months

This little boy is 20 months old today

In the past 20 months I have learned a lot about you, and myself

You love to be outside. I think you would live outside if we let you. I have no idea what I am going to do for the next 9 months of rain.

You love school buses, trucks, excavators, trains... pretty much anything with wheels. And you think every semi truck that we pass is Papa.

You wave and say "Hello" or "Bye" to complete strangers, but will not do it to anyone we know.

You are getting 7 teeth at once right now... ugh

This is your favorite music video at the moment (which makes me happy)

I am amazed that you are able to make me so mad, and then turn around and give me the biggest hug and open mouthed kiss.

You have your mama's temper and determination to do what you want, or figure out what you want. But you have your dad's interest in anything with wheels or an engine.

I still cannot bring myself to cut your hair. I love your hair, if I cut it, the curls may not come back. And you will look older. And it makes me sad. (even if it does make the grandpa's mad!)

Right now you prefer fruits and veggies to cake, cookies, and Popsicles. And I am happy about that.

You still love milk, and drink a gallon and a half a week. (probably because you are not allowed to have juice)

You love blocks and making towers so you can knock them over. Or knock my towers over.

Here is what you looked like at this time a year ago

And this is what you look like now

You are a ham! I love you Jakah!

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