Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WTF Wednesday - 10.05.2011

I have been debating if I want to write about my crazy family. But yesterday they all really just made me mad and really say WTF so here it goes.

A few weeks ago. my mom asked me to drive her to the airport. I had forgotten, but she reminded me on Monday. No big deal, I'll hit up Costco on the way back and return some PJ's I had bought Jakah that were the wrong size.

Except My mom says "Well you have to watch M" (M is my niece who is about to turn a year old) .... She does not ask me, She informs me.

Fine, whatever... I drive her to the airport and drive back to drop M with my dad. Where he promptly says I have a dentist appt at 1:30, you need to watch M.

Again no one has asked me. (I guess I have nothing else ever planned in my days)

Now the funny part is, my dad has been complaining about this tooth hurting for the past YEAR. Oh yeah a year. And my sister has taken Wed, Thurs, Fri, Mon, and Tue off to watch her kids. (my parents watch/raise her children while she works)

Could my dad wait until today to go to the dentist? Apparently not.
Could he have called me after he made the appointment and asked if I could watch M? Again Apparently not

So Jakah did not get a nap because I was watching M. (people who have kids 10 months apart are amazing! I could never handle it)

To top it all off, My dad gets back from his dentist appointment at 2:50.... and says "D needs to be picked from school at 3:20".... (D is my nephew that I raised, I will tell the story someday)
The school is down the street from my parents house... WHY could he not pick him up on the way back?

WTF and they can't figure out why I want to move far, far away from them.

(unfortunately this happens quite often with my family. They seem to not be able to do anything for themselves. I am almost 30 damn years old and would just like to be asked if I could/would do something for them, not be told and assumed I will do it. Shocker, I would probably say Yes. But now I only want to say No and not talk to any of them)

PS.. I am 95% positive I am adopted

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  1. I seriously found when I stopped working that people thought I did nothing all day long and was available to run their errands. Stop answering your phone :) You can't pick your family, good luck !

  2. Well, of COURSE you have nothing to do all day but take care of your family :( I'm sorry. I'm with Poppy, turn off the phone (if only it was that easy...)

  3. Thanks! if you guys only knew lol I am starting to think I raised myself... or they have gotten more helpless in their old age. Actually its because I have my crap together and they put all their efforts into helping my sister... and feel I should help them and her

  4. FYI I'm totally on a "Why do I live so close to my family?" tip right now. They ALL live in my town. I get it. Let's find a place midway from each other. I'll help you and you can help me.

    I love 'em but sometimes...

  5. My husband joined the Army so we could move far away and avoid this sort of nonsense.

  6. I feel you for....this blows! Maybe we should all move to Canada?!

  7. Glad I am not the only one who is tired of living by Family. If they actually helped me with Jakah (like babysit once in a while...) I would maybe want to stick around.

    Lets all move! Somewhere warm and sunny.. Hawaii sounds good!


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