Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WTF Wednesday - 10.12.2011

When does the love affair / obsession with mud puddles end?

Today Jakah decided it was a good idea to stomp / play in the mud puddles while we waited for C's bus. (C is the kid I nanny in the mornings. Jakah loves him)

He was soaked and muddy from head to toe... and being the awesome mom I am had cleaned out the backpack and forgotten to put extra clothes for him to wear back in. Awesome!

Oh and his only pair of tennis shoes are gross and in the washer. Because yes I have bought him rain boots and the damn things keep falling off!

WTF.... 9 more months of rain and mud!

P.S. My other WTF rant for the week is my husband had to take the laptop with him to the bathroom last night because he was looking at a truck to buy.... I am speechless on this...

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  1. My husband takes the laptop to the bathroom all the time. It's gross. Poop spores!

  2. 9 more months of rain boots for sure, but they haven't gone on sale yet so I haven't bought any yet myself:) Poor Hank is wearing his sister's hand me down pink ones. And, ya boys and their bathroom habits. I'm speechless too.

  3. Don't think I didn't spray / lysol wipe the be-jesus out of the laptop either yuck!


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