Monday, November 28, 2011

10 favorite photos

I blog lurk... I enjoy reading other peoples blogs, but rarely comment or link up, I just never know what to say. Or what I really want to say is wildly inappropriate for people I just stumbled upon and don't know. But I saw one today that I really enjoyed and so have decided to join in.

All I have to do is show off my 10 favorite pictures... can't be that hard right!? (bahahahaha)

My newest favorite picture

Our first family vacation - San Diego 2011

I just love this picture

1st Birthday

Newborn - 2 weeks old

6 months

1 year (I love that I got the same pose all 3 times)

1 day old

Belly Picture

I was huge and felt huge and this picture makes me laugh

This is linked up for Monday Listicles at Zook Book Nook


  1. So glad you came out of "lurking" and shared these fantastic photos with us. I am envious of your "baby on arm" photo sequence and your ability to get the same pose all 3 times!
    These are really wonderful photos. (-:

  2. These are wonderful. I am so glad you came out of hiding to share these with us! I know Kim will be super excited to see the arm photos, it is a great idea for a newborn shot, but I never knew of anyone repeating it at 6 and 12 months! Brilliant!!
    So, are you thinking of what to put on your Xmas list for next week?

  3. These are great! Love the baby over the arm pics - such a great idea.

  4. Thank You :) It truely is one of my favorite pictures, All three of them. I hope someone will use my idea!
    And I can't wait to join in next week :)

  5. These are ALL so great! I also love that you got the same post for those 3 growing boy pictures. And I really love the first birthday one - so, so cute!

  6. Those are awesome pics. That last one is hilarious! Love it!

  7. OMGosh - that last one is hilarious!! And I love love love the first one with your son walking on the train tracks. I'm with you on the never knowing what to say and worrying if what you say will come across as inappropriate. I guess that's the risk you run by communicating only through text. I'm sure I've offended people. In fact it's obvious who I have (not real sure how though) because they always bypass my blog when I’m linked up with them. You just can't let yourself worry about it. The best advice I have is focus on the Blogitas you find a connection with and don't sweat the ones who snub you. If they're going to judge you based upon one comment or one blog post they read of yours then they're not worth your time. Glad you decided to link up. I'm now a new follower of yours! :)

  8. Welcome! My total followers is now 5! Hooray!!! They really should make a sarcasm font so that people get that we aren't being serious(or are we LOL)

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the newborn, six months, and one year pictures with the same pose! They're all really cute, though!


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