Monday, November 7, 2011

Boys and their toys

I have been knee deep in tax classes learning all the new rules for next year, along with gearing up to take my test with the IRS in order to be a preparer.

Thrilling and exciting I know. I can hardly contain myself, or keep my eyes open Ha Ha!

But this weekend I took Casey out and let him buy his truck. He has been wanting a "big boy" truck for.... forever. And since we sold the Neon a couple months ago we have been a 1 car family. Its been fine and dandy but Casey has some classes at work he is going to have to drive to and he can't drive the work truck. And he realized that during tax season when I am working on the weekends, he doesn't want to be stuck at home with no car.
(really it was all a matter of time before he was going to figure out what I kinda already knew)

So he finally found a truck that he wanted and it was a price I couldn't argue with.

He bought...... (drum roll please)

A 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

(everyone together now...OH AWE)

Honestly I really don't care what he buys since I already have my super sweet mom car that I love. But both the boys are happy. Jakah keeps running to the front window and looking out saying "wow a truck" Its adorable and he loves riding in it! It will also be nice to be able to load up our dirt bikes and go riding. And that makes me happy!

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