Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dad on Duty

I have to go to a two day tax class this week on Monday and Tuesday. Casey had some extra days off so he took them off to watch Jakah.

And then Casey works for 3 days, and follows that up with 9 day off......

That equals a lot of dad time. Which is much needed since Jakah loves his dad and wants to be with him more than he does with me. I should have my feelings hurt about that but why, he spends 24 hours a day with me. The only break we have from each other is nap time and sleeping threw the night.

Its exhausting. And I am truly thankful Casey has so much time to take off and hang out. I get a mini break. (although sitting threw two days of new tax rules isn't what I was hoping for some time away from my kid)

We are officially on day 1 of Casey being off and he has already decided he is going to discipline Jakah better than I do. Oh and change his attitude and behaviour since apparently I can't seem to do it. (so my husband says, Really I call it choosing my battles)

And frankly that makes me mad. I try really hard. I don't have a much patience as Casey has and honestly Jakah's personality is just like mine and we clash. We clash a lot. But I also don't see a point in time outs for every little thing. He's not even 2 years old. and yes he whines a lot. And yes it gets on my nerves. But show me a mom who's kids whining doesn't get on their nerves.

But more power to Casey if he thinks he can change all that in 2 days.

Let him deal with the tantrums, whining, screaming and whatever else. I can't seem to break them so maybe someone else can.

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