Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handprint Tree Skirt

I know, I know... Ugh Christmas is coming! And really the last thing I want to think about before Thanksgiving is Christmas...

But if you are anything like me, and actually want to make something for Christmas, you need time to get it all together.

Last year I made a tree skirt. I had read somewhere (a magazine perhaps) about starting and doing family traditions. One of the things that stuck out was a hand print tree skirt. Every year the lady would trace her kids hand prints onto the tree skirt with the year. I LOVED the idea! But couldn't find any tree skirts I really liked or that could be drawn on. So I made my own.

With the help of my mother and father in law. Ha ha! We used her old tree skirt to make our pattern. My father-in-law made a nifty giant compass this to trace it out so it would be perfect. (he's so handy when it comes to sewing... just like Casey)

I cut out a 43" circle out of 2 different fabrics. Laying the circles on top of each other I then traced out a 10" circle (using a dinner plate) directly in the middle of them. I pinned them together with the patterns facing each other and sewed together all but a 5" section on the inner circle. Then turn the whole thing right side out by shoving it thru the tiny hole. Sew the 5" section together and TADA! You are done!

I love it. It is reversible, the other side is sparkly white. I made one for my sister-in-law and BFF also. Hopefully they are smarter and better than me and actually traced their kids hands on it. I forgot and then only seem to remember when I am home alone and need help to do it. BUT it will definitely be getting done this year.
Its such a great memento and tradition to do with your kids.

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