Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Halloween

We have a halloween party at our house every year. Its not really a party, we all get together, eat and go trick or treating together. It started 4 years ago when my sister in law and Casey's aunt didn't want to take their kids trick or treating in Seattle. So everyone came out to our neighborhood.

This year we had 12 kids and a million adults trick or treating. We had a good time, but it will probably be the last year since all the kids are getting older and have school the next morning.

This is what Jakah wanted to wear trick or treating

Instead Casey picked out a Carl Edwards firesuit for him. He looked super cute. BUT a little like John C. Reilly's character from Talladega Nights.... WTF Maybe its time to cut his curly mullet!

Here are Jakah and his cousins in 2011

And last year in 2010! They have changed so much!

We tried to get a picture of all 12 kids together. But HA HA HA getting 12 kids 5 and under to sit and take a picture together is just crazy talk!

Jakah brought home some excellent candy for Casey and I to eat!

Until next year!

This is linked up to The G is Silent who has been kind enough to host WTF again!

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