Sunday, November 13, 2011

WTF Wednesday - 11.13.2011

My husband gave my son a bath last night. He did it all. Today, while going to the bathroom I glanced over to the tub and looked at all the toys. And then noticed something that looked odd. Like a piece of poop.

Because yes people it was a piece of poop. Jakah had pooped in the tub. And apparently my husband didn't notice it. (he says there were too many bubbles) And no one noticed it until the next day!


So I have officially cometed and cloroxed the tub and all the toys.

WTF husband..... WTF

This is linked up to The G is Silent who is hosting WTF wednesday


  1. It wasn't as funny while I cleaned out the poop and bleached all the toys and tub. SHould have made the boys do it!

  2. HAHA, that's funny! Sky has pooped in the tub so many times but I usually clean it up before we get out! LOL!

  3. LOL! Jakah has NEVER done it before LOL Thats why is so believable that we never saw it


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