Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa-
   As you know I may or may not have been naughty this year. Either way I hope you forgive me and take a look at my list of 10 things I want.

10. Sleep in past 6:30....

9. A heavenly hour (or longer) Massage every day for a year

8. To be able to have a drink... (next year!)
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7. A housekeeper or a Nanny... Or one that does both!!!

6. A vacation, hopefully on an island like Tahi or Bora Bora
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5. A winning lottery ticket, or just have a really rich person gift me some money

4. An android phone, or any phone I can get internet on. oh and money to pay the bill

3. An adorable puppy
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2. This house with an acre or two
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1. A date night with my husband, one where I don't have to come home to my kid (I've never spent the night away from him....sigh)

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  1. YOu and I both dream of a similar house. Well I truly hope some of these come true for you, if only #10 and #1 to begin with!

  2. Oh to sleep in past 6.30 would be wonderful! I'm usually up BEFORE 6!

    May some of your wishes come true!

  3. What's annoying about "sleeping in" I find anyway, is that I can't anymore. My body won't let me!

    Merry Wishmas!

  4. That puppy is adorable and I love that house. When I do get a chance to sleep in, my internal alarm clock wakes me anyway! Urgh!

  5. LOVE that house!!! My boyfriend and i talk about getting a ton of land somewhere probably in Montana(sigh then I'd have to leave WA though) and builing on it as well as our family and friends having houses on it and making it our own little community.

    We always say..."When we win the mega."

  6. Ha ha Thats why I put a winning lottery ticket on my list :) But i'm sure we will never leave WA either...

    Damn our internal alarm clocks!!!

  7. A massage every day would be soooo good!


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