Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy about Wreaths

I never realized how much I love wreaths.  But I swear everytime I see one I want it. Its so weird.   (I have a whole board dedicated to them on Pinterest)

I have always wanted a feather wreath.

 I have no reason why, I just like them. But I think they would get yucky outside with the rain on them.

Anyways I was reading my awesome Lowes Creative Ideas and they have adorable ideas for wreaths that are made out of the most unconventional things!

Seriously made from coffee filters! Adorable!

Here are a few others that were featured in the magazine. I wish my husband would let me make these, but then what do I do with all these wreaths?

All these ideas can be found at Lowes DIY holiday wreaths

Pretty PVC Wreath

Candy canes were the inspiration for this holiday wreath. Red-and-white reflective tape applied to PVC coupling pipe make the super-easy stripes. Cut a hole in the middle of a 5-gallon bucket lid, then use a glue gun to adhere the pipe pieces.

Looks-Like-Ribbon Wreath

Cut white vinyl flashing into 8"×2" strips. Use a paper punch to cut holes in each end, and then thread onto 14-gauge wire  for a hefty, ribbon-like wreath.

Geometric Wood Slat Wreath

Cut six 36" square dowels  in half to make a dozen 18" pieces. Paint them red and glue together in a tic-tac-toe pattern to create a center circle.

Fold-It-Up Belt Wreath

Start with a green nylon tie-down belt and cut off the buckle and hook on the ends. Fold the belt into 3” loops. Insert a 14-gauge wire through the center of each loop, then bend to form a circle.

Tiny Circles Wood Dowel Wreath

Wooden dowels ranging from 1⁄2" to 2" in diameter and cut to 2” are glued together to form a circle. Leave the wreath as is for an all natural holiday decoration, or paint it in bright hue of your choice for fun holiday color.

Wrapping Paper Wreath

Roll 8 1⁄2"×11" pieces of leftover wrapping paper around a smooth pencil to create slender tubes. Connect with clear tape. Cut a 20" doughnut shape out of corrugated cardboard for the base. Divide the base into four sections to evenly distribute the tubes. Apply a stripe of glue around the base and arrange the tubes. Play around with color and pattern as you layer the paper.

I LOVE this one! Anyone want to make it for me?!?!?!

Please let me know if anyone makes any of these!


  1. Those are seriously inspiring! Love the coffee filter one. Wish I had the talent to make things! Instead, I will just buy them (I also have many wreaths)!

  2. Wow! These are so pretty! I need to make that coffee filter wreath!

  3. fantastic ideas! I love wreaths too! Where we bought our Christmas tree, there was a woman who was making fresh green wreaths from the tree trimmings - on the spot! they were so beautiful.
    but I am also cheap, so I just went home with my tree and tried to use my own cuttings to make something. I had fun, but it definitely was not as pretty.

  4. I would so try to make my own from our timmings! And it would end up in a disaster!
    I want to make the coffee wreath one but its not going to happen with an almost 2 year old around. He's very helpful :)

  5. Nice! I especially like the coffee filter wreath. I have a hard time with the fact that I only get to hang one... or seven... wreaths. You are not alone! :)

  6. My favorite is the wrapping paper wreath! Glad to know I'm not alone in my obsession :)

  7. OMGolly... I love love love those Wreaths! I dig this kinda stuff! The chair ones are Awesome :)


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