Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Listicles - My Hometown

Thanks to Amanda at lilahbility for coming up with this weeks Monday Listicle List!

I moved to my hometown at the age of 8. I now live 10 miles away from my hometown and my husband grew up 10 miles in the other direction. We haven't moved very far away.

So here is my list of 10 things about my hometown

1) It used to be a farming / cow town. Most of the cow farms have left yet people still think its a cow town. (it still smells like cow shit in the summer though)

2) We live an hour away from Seattle, an hour away from the mountain passes and about 3 hours away from the ocean (not that the ocean is EVER warm here!)

3) There is atleast 1 espresso stand on every corner. The even just opened a bikini espresso stand (I should explain a bikini stand. Its where guys go to get horrible coffee served to them by girls in bikinis)

4) You still see people you went to high school with

5) You can go shopping on Main Street or you can cross the highway and shop at the "big stores" ie: Albertsons or Safeway

6) There is a giant smoke stack from The Carnation Condensery factory but it burned down in the 40's. Everything but this stack.

7) I met my best friend when I moved here in 2nd grade

8) Every year a state fair comes to town. And its a given that you have either worked there or shown animals there.

9) There are 2 major highways going into town, Both were amazingly listed on the 10 worst highways in America list.

10) There is also a state prison that houses mostly sex offenders right next door to the high school. (insert your own joke here)

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  1. It all sounds good - except for the last 2 :)

  2. All of us from WA said there is an espresso stand on every corner :) but you are the only one with a bikini one. what does that mean anyway?! Great list, your town sounds a lot like mine.

  3. Ah the bikini stand. Where all the boys go to get horrible coffee served to them by girls in bikini's....

    And yes the last two aren't good LOL

  4. I wish I had some snarky comment for #10!
    Seems like the perfect hometown, (minus that!)

  5. Ummm, number 10 is just bad planning!

    We have a coffee shop on most corners in Vancouver, too, but none that qualify as "bikini" espresso stands. Intriguing, to say the least.

  6. I am wondering if anyone comes up with a comment :) Its even worse knowing that the school cafeteria over looks the prison heh

  7. I grew up in a place where the closest beach was not warm at all! I now live in a place where I run into people from high school, not sure if I like that or not! Ha!

  8. Actually the longer I have been out of school the less people I seem to run into. And when I do its ok cause its been long enough Ha ha!

  9. We have a lingerie latte stand here....awkward.

    I think it's funny too how we all wrote about all the latte stands

  10. You know I get the prison next to the high have coffee stands on every corner: we just about have a prison on every one!

  11. yeah, #10 is just not good! I think this is the first time I've heard of a bikini espresso stand. That is just funny.

  12. Yikes Rory! I'd rather have coffee stands :)

  13. I love reading these lists from fellow northwest bloggers! Too fun!


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