Friday, December 2, 2011

Top Baby Names of 2011

Since I am on the look out for baby names (ok not really, already have them picked out!) I thought I would share the top baby names of 2011

Top Baby Names of 2011
Girls                                       Boys
Sophia                                    Aiden
Emma                                    Jackson
Isabella                                  Mason
Olivia                                     Liam
Ava                                        Jacob
Lily                                        Jayden
Chloe                                    Ethan
Madison                               Noah

*according to Babycenter

Once again confirming what I already knew, Jakah has a highly unusual name (doubt you can even find it in a baby book). And I will once again be following that trend of having a very uncommon name.

I do like to mix uncommon names with tradition middle names, usually ones that have some sort of meaning. Jakah's middle name Eldon is after Casey's grandpa (you can read the post here)

What do you think of the top baby names of 2011?

Sadly mine used to not make the list, but Audrey has become very popular the last few years. Which is great, except when we are in crowded areas, like a zoo, I swear I am getting yelled at all over the place. Only to find out there are little Audrey's all around me HA HA!


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