Tuesday, December 6, 2011

He's Having a Girl! Wives Tales

When you're pregnant, you wonder what the gender of your baby is. Maybe you wait until its born to find out. I myself cannot stand the suspense and want to know as soon as possible.

Of course if you google search wives tales there are all kinds of things that apparently tell you the gender early.

With Jakah we did the ring on a string trick... It did nothing. Didn't move at all. We also did the Chinese gender chart. It told us he was a girl. Of course when it came time to do the ultrasound we found out he was all boy and not afraid to show us all of his glory.

With this one we are again left wondering.

So because we are bored, or just silly we tried the pee on baking soda trick.

As the wives tale goes you pee on a teaspoon of baking soda (in a cup of course!) and if it foams up like beer you are having a boy. If it does nothing its a girl. Supposedly your urine is more acidic if you're carrying a boy, (hence the sizzling action) and more alkaline if you're carrying a girl.

Being goofy I went into the bathroom and peed on the baking soda and it immediately foamed up like beer. Its a boy! I went out and told Casey. He said it was a fluke and it was something I ate that caused that. So because we had eaten virtually the same stuff all day long, I told him to go in and pee on some baking soda. Being the good husband he is, he did. His did nothing, and he's having a girl!

Of course we aren't going out and buying birth announcements off this and we do it all in good fun.

Have you ever tried any wives tales while pregnant or are we the only silly ones out there? And if you did it was it right?

As of now the Chinese gender chart says I'm having another girl... only time will tell if we are right! 6 weeks and counting until we find out!!!

P.S. I really REALLY think its another boy, Casey thinks its a girl....


  1. "...he's having a girl!" Too funny. I'd never heard the baking soda one before. Hmmmmm...

  2. Ha ha Poor guy who has to put with his he crazy prego wife. Atleast he plays along :)


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