Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WTF Wednesday -12.14.2011

My dad is a big guy. He's 6'5" 300+ lbs. And no I didn't not get any of his height ... super lame I know. (the only awesome pictures I have of me and my dad are from my wedding. I should a) change that, and b) really get these framed!)

So for Christmas, my husband has my dad's name. Which means I'm doing the shopping. My dad asked for a quilt lined flannel jacket much like this....
Unfortunatly I cannot find one ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!! AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because shopping for a big and tall buy that needs big and tall clothing is ridiculous! Its a serious joke!

So far the only thing I have found is this....

Which is ugly and has a hood. And even if I did want to buy it because it is the ONLY one I can seem to find, they are OF COURSE sold out of his size.


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  1. I love the wedding pictures, you are beautiful. But ya, it sucks to find clothes when you aren't the normal size. My husband is short and stocky. I'm screwed when my mother in law stops sewing.

  2. First of all - wow were you a beautiful bride!! Secondly, my husband has one of those (not the one with the hoodie). He loves it. You've looked online, right? I though ANYTHING in ANY SIZE, COLOR, DIMENSION,FABRIC, etc. could be found. Good look. Ahhhh....6'5". Great height.

  3. Thank you both so much :)

    I have looked online... no such luck there either. Ugh! And at the rate my son is growing I think I will be buying his clothes from the big and tall catalog next year.... GRRRRR

  4. Those pictures of you and your dad are beautiful.

    I hope you find the right jacket. I know how frustrating it can be!

  5. Awesome Wedding pictures! Have you tried Costco?B is a pretty big guy too and we found some of those at Costco about a month ago...Good Luck!

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    Color and price might be wrong, but have you looked at this one? http://davis-big-tall.amazonwebstore.com/Wrangler-Flannel-Plaid-with-Quilted-Lining/M/B006JDDYMI.htm?traffic_src=froogle&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=froogle

  7. Thank you guys again! Good idea on Costco... but if you saw them weeks ago they are probably gone Ha ha! And I have never seen 3XLT there.

    Holy Moly You have AMAZING searching skills! I have been on google and bing for days and didn't find this! THANK YOU!!!!

  8. Make one. I triple dog dare you.

  9. Beautiful photos! I also have a hard time finding sizes for my dad! He loves the Dallas Cowboys and I couldn't find the right sized Jersey- so I bought him a Dallas Cowboys Snuggie! haha!

  10. Oh you did not just triple dog dare me! I think he would want something that is wearable :) Plus I did make him a heated rice bag...

    A snuggie is a good idea!

  11. You might look into having one made... just a suggestion. Lovely pics BTW.


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