Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WTF Wednesday - 12.21.2011

This weeks WTF is brought to you by my 22 month old son.

We have been home this week since there is no school and we don't have to nanny. Monday morning I hop into the shower while Jakah is sleeping in his crib. While in the shower I hear the door bang open. Think its the dog, look out of the curtain and see nothing. Go about my shower business. Get out of the shower only to look over and see Jakah and his new favorite stuffed animal "big stitch" (its a big stuffed stitch. original I know, but our dog is named Stitch so....) staring at me, smiling and then says "Hi".....

"Hi Jakah, How are you out of your crib?" Runs away smiling. Ugh! Eventually he takes a nap, and doesn't get himself out of bed. Maybe its a one time thing (bahahahahaha Ya Right!)

Yesterday morning same thing happens, I take a shower, get dressed. Go to get Jakah up and he opens the door before I get there. Ugh! And then he did it again last night when he was supposed to be sleeping!

I was hoping to keep my legalized cage crib for him for a long time. I was going to just buy another crib for the new baby. (I never bought Jakah's crib, it was my nephews, my sister left it here. I used it) No big deal. Plus his crib turns into a toddler bed, and then a full size bed.

As of now its looking like it will be a toddler bed sooner than I wanted! Although we shall see, my husband found out he was stepping down onto a stool and that's why there was no "thud" or loud sound. He moved that out of the room. Guess we shall find out this morning if that works!

I could always put the mattress on the floor in the crib?! I am out of ideas on what to do. I just know I don't want to put him in a bed yet

Here is a picture of Big Stitch. Jakah does EVERYTHING with Big Stitch....

By the way my husband made this table! It is part of Jakah's christmas present. He is getting a wooden train set to go on the table.


  1. OHMYGOSH! Noah never ever climbed out of his crib. How funny and terrifying at the same time!!!

  2. Oh my goodness we used to have a big Stitch just like that that my oldest LOVED as well! Oyyy I was never ready to switch any of my kids over to a toddler bed because once I did it was more chasing them back to bed then before when they were climbing out!

  3. Ugh! It has happened 2 more times today! So not ready for this!!!! And big stitch cracks me up cause he is always with my son! I'm just waiting for the day when he insists big stitch get in the car with us

  4. Your son is ADORABLE. And that train table is awesome!! I definitely know what's it's like to have a toddler getting out of the crib before you're ready (ha!) oldest was a houdini when it came to it. Ugh. Good luck!!

  5. Thank You! We put the bed on the floor in the crib yesterday and so far no escaping! Hope it last a little while longer :)

  6. I hope you still haven't heard the dreaded "thud!"

  7. Nope no "Thuds" he's stealthy like that....

  8. Jakah is a character all right. And what a great present this will be!

  9. He loves his train set but likes his ride on truck more LOL Santa always brings the best gifts!


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