Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WTF Wednesday - 12.28.2011

Last WTF of 2011! And I feel like this one is a doozy. Mostly because I have been stewing over it FOR DAYS....

Obviously Christmas was last weekend. In case you didn't know, sorry I ruined that for you Ha ha!

This weeks WTF is about my sister. I wrote some sort of a post about her Here. I'm to the point where I am going to tell people I am an only child. Or only have one sister instead of two.

 My sister started dating her boyfriend around Halloween. By cheating on her other boyfriend with this new one. The new one has 2 children of his own, ages 5 and 3. I guess the mom is not involved. My sister doesn't really keep boyfriends around long. I don't bother getting to know them (its kinda rude I know but why bother when they are only around for a month or 2?) The last boyfriend was around for a year, but we only met him once. I think she was embarrassed because he was 48 and she is 25. Her poor kids have to meet and deal with each guy she brings around.

Anyways...while that should be my WTF, Its not.

So my sister's children went to their dad's houses (different dad's) on Christmas Eve. She chose to go with her boyfriend to his grandparents house. Fine, no big deal. She then chooses to spend the night, with her children at her boyfriends house. On Christmas Eve. (she lives with my parents and probably should have stayed the night there.)

She showed up to my parents house for Christmas day around 12:15 not 10 am.
(on a side note I said we would be there around 1 because we were going to have Jakah take a nap first)

We showed up at 12:45.... 99% of the gifts have been opened. Her boyfriend and his kids were there. His kids had to sit on the couch and watch everyone open gifts. We would have been nice and gotten them a few little things, but my sister didn't bother to tell us they were coming. So there was that awkwardness. They apparently had to leave by 1:30 to go to her boyfriends parents for the next activities. Yes I spent a total of 45 mins with my niece and nephew on Christmas. They didn't bother to stay for dinner or spend anytime with her family. Who by the way, my parents are raising her children.

Anyways, We go in and open what few gifts are left. I had some for my niece and nephew. And I drew my sisters name in the drawing. Usually, We draw adult names, and then buy for all 3 kids. Apparently I am the only one that follows that rule.

Because my WTF this week is the fact that my sister did not buy Jakah a single gift. Nothing, Nada, Not A Single Damn Thing!

I text her later to call her out on it. (oh I knew I was starting a fight, I did it on purpose) She told me its because she didn't have any money. (she is currently in a custody battle over her daughter and has had to get a lawyer)
Except for the fact that I saw how much she spent on her kids, because she left the receipts out. Oh yeah and she spent money on her boyfriend's kids. Who by the way all 4 children who are under the age of 6 received an XBOX 360 and Kinect from Santa. Say What!?

Oh and to top it off someone  left 3 large bags of brand new toys for her kids in her car at work. She gave those toys to her kids, and her boyfriends kids.

But apparently cannot afford $10 to get Jakah a pack of hot wheels....

Seriously WTF!

I know its not all about gifts, but my sister pulls this crap all the time. She is extremely selfish and acts like she is 13 not 26

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