Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Couple Friends

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Well I do and I LOVE it. Anyways Marshall and Lily are always on the lookout for new couple friends. Needless to say they are a little over zealous and take it way over board every time, and its hilarious!

We are always in the market looking for some new couple friends. But finding couple friends is a lot like dating, but for couples obviously. You have to find a pair that you are both compatible with. Your kids need to get along, and be somewhat close to the same age. Sometimes things workout and  you "fit" and sometimes you just gotta go your seperate ways and figure out how to dump them!

Over the past few years we have lost a lot of couple friends due to stupid stuff involving unions. Seriously SO stupid. I never knew 30 something year old guys would act like 15 year old high school girls until we were involved in a union strike. But that's a long story and way off subject here!

We have lost a few over differences, and then once we had Jakah it seems like we lost a few more. Some couples don't have kids yet, and some couples have older kids so its hard for us to all get together, and others have different parenting styles.

Either way we are looking to "date" new couple friends. We hung out with a new couple on New Year's Eve. I shouldn't say new couple, I knew them both from school and we have hung out a few times this summer. But Casey had yet to meet them. They live down the street and its nice being so close. (We have another couple friend who lives behind us, Hi Emily! You should check out her cute blog Peck Life!)

From our perspective we all just seemed to "click". The kids all got along and played well, The adults all had stuff to chat about. Casey was happy it wasn't someone from work so he didn't have to shop talk. It was just fun to hang out with all of them.

Hopefully they feel the same way :)

Do you have couple friends? How did you meet or find them? Do you feel it was like dating?


  1. I hate "couple friends" dating! We thought we found a good couple this summer that we hung out and did stuff with and then found out ehhh not really our cup of tea.

    Right now life is too busy to even think about hanging out with other people. Mostly we hang out with the frat house gang which is always a good destresser but I soooo miss couple friends!

  2. We had the best set of couple friends. Then the wife decided one day to get a divorce. We found out later she was cheating on him.

    We decided we aren't ready to put ourselves back out there yet to find a new set of couple friends. =)

  3. Couple friend dating sucks! We are just getting back on the couple dating train after staying off it for a while. Ha ha. Still suck though!

  4. We only have one couple friends. We aren't really in the "dating" scene, so I don't know if we will ever find any. ;)

  5. The "dating" scene for couple friends sucks... but we are to the point where its necessary :)

  6. I hear you. Finding couple friends make finding a spouse look easy :)

  7. Finding couple friends you click with when you have kids can be difficult. To me, you kind of have to have similar philosophies about routines and your kids need to get a long. We have one couple that we click with and our kids get along great with. We also have the same attitude towards making plans and routines. We have gone on three vacations with them and it has been great every time. I hope you find the same.

  8. Ha ha ha Stasha! so true! I am hoping we find friends to do vacations and stuff with too!

  9. I'm delayed in posting! First, thanks for the shout out. :) Second, I totally agree that couple dating is hard!!!!!! Is there like couple dating anonymous {that's NOT swingers or weird?} - they should have something like that!

  10. Maybe they should open something like that singles thing Events and Adventures... but for couples looking for other couples.


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