Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dirty Thirty and the Snowpocalypse

Today my husband is dirty thirty!!! 30 years old! I have celebrated 10 of his birthdays with him. So weird!!! Anyways he didn't want to do anything big for his 30th. He had his mid-life crisis at 25 (you can read about it Here)

All he wanted was a steak and a beer. So I took him out for steak and a beer. Oh and a movie! We saw Contraband and normally I love Mark Wahlberg but he didn't take his shirt off in the movie and that's just sad!

Casey also wanted Jakah to have his first sleepover at grandma's. I'd rather have someone watch him during the day, when he's not sleeping. (its not to bad when he's sleeping!) So to say I wasn't ready for it is an understatement, but it has to happen sometime right?

Yesterday started Snowpocalypse 2012..... and it hasn't stopped snowing yet. Its really weird because no where else really has snow either. We have 10 inches and counting.

Casey is so happy it snowed for his birthday! We didn't really sleep in, even without a kid. So we got up, went to breakfast and then picked up Jakah. Which probably was a good thing cause we only had 4 inches when we left... and we came home to 8. We would have never been able to get out of our house to pick him  up if we had waited!

Grown men are about as funny as kids in the snow. We did doughnuts all night last night. And I keep watching people drive up the street, most of them men. Either on 4 wheelers or their trucks. All grinning as big as they can. It cracks me up! Casey tries so hard to get my Subaru sliding and he can't do it as much as he wants to. Yesterday all I heard was, "these new tires are so much better than the other ones. Except now we can't slide at all."

At least I feel safer knowing I have awesome tires! They cost me a fortune!

Here are Snowpocalypse playing pictures! Hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as we did!


  1. Steak and a beer. That just made me hungry and it's only 5 am. here. Guess better try some coffee, would have to go right back to sleep with a beer. That is a TON of snow. Very beautiful. Glad Casey had a good birthday.

    1. It snowed even more last night! Guess its another play day :) And a beer would be nice, guess I'll have to wait a couple more months!

  2. Yep, your deck looks like my backyard deck. We will have to dig out the BBQ (any season is BBQ season in Canada). Love that pic of the snow covered tree....beautiful.

    1. Thanks! We usually don't get this much snow here. There are years we get none. But now they are calling for 14 inches on top of the 10 we already got! So not used to all the snow!


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