Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good things about Motherhood

While reading other blogs this evening I ran across Writer's Workshop, and I want to link up to. Because why not right?!

Mama’s Losin’ It

I chose #4) Many of us poke fun at some of the things that drive us crazy as parents... let's flip the script, what are 10 things you love about motherhood?

This is coming after having two really, REALLY hard weeks of tantrums, time outs and just frustration on both our parts.

1) The random, not asked for hugs and kisses that Jakah gives me

2) Hearing him giggle because I hit a ball with my head. Apparently the funniest thing EVER

3) Hearing him learn how to talk. I am amazed daily by the words he has learned. Although my new favorite to here is "awe dang it" Hilarious!

4) How I can be off the wall frustrated with him and he just looks at me with his smile and I giggle. He's so darn cute!

5) I love watching Jakah hang out with his dad. They have the exact same interests and love the same things.

6) Jakah is starting to get into helping with whatever I am doing. Which is also frustrating, but its pretty fun watching him bake. Or just play in the sink.

7) Bedtime, Jakah is excellent at going to sleep. Just put him in his crib and shut the door. Doesn't (usually) make a noise again 6:30 in the morning.

8) How ticklish he is. I swear if you just think of tickling him he starts giggling and running away.

9) As much as I say I hate this, His love of trucks makes me smile. Because trucks are awesome

10) If we put on a movie, He pats the couch next to him to tell you to sit by him. So cute!

So there is my top 10 list of things I love most about motherhood!

What do you love about Motherhood?


  1. it is so true about the impromptu cuteness that invariable saves their lives at just the right moment when mama is about to break! LOL I think it's natures' way.

    my 2 year old daughter has taken to walking around shruggin her shoulders saying "heck?" over and over. I think she just likes the sound of it.

    the post thanking and linking to you for the Liebster Award will be up tomorrow. Thanks so much again!

  2. I think it's those little things, like the smiles, trucks, and patting the seat on the couch that all add up to make being a mom worth it. Great list!

  3. awww I love your list Audra!You're such a good momma!

  4. Ahaha! I love ticklish kids! I just can't resist tickling them more and hearing their squeals of laughter. I tickle my 5 month old all the time. He loves it too!

  5. Awe how cute it that Rory! And it really is the little things that all add up. Or it could be cause he's still little and just so darn ticklish :)


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