Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Listicles - 10 Odd Jobs

For this weeks Listicles, we have been given the task by Squashed Mom to write about 10 strange / unusual / weird jobs we have had. Or if we haven't had 10 jobs, 10 strange / unusual / weird tasks at the jobs that we have had.
Since I only ever had about 5 or 6 jobs , I will just list tasks at various jobs.

10 Various strange tasks I have ever had to do for money

1. Shredder - Actually I still have to do this one, at the tax office we are only required to keep a certain number of years, so every year we go thru and shred hundreds of returns, but hand with tiny shredders...

2. Movie checker - I worked at Blockbuster before it closed down. You have to be over 18 to work there ....

3. Chauffeur / Driver - While working as an office manager my boss lost his license for a DUI. He paid me a fortune to drive him around to appointments and sit in the truck with his dogs. I got to drive his sweet Acura RSX and his Excursion

4. Keg Driver - For the same job, I was responsible for picking up the kegs for all the parties he threw at his house.

5. 2 am inventory - While working at Blockbuster, it would close at midnight. So we would have to do inventory after that. Scanning EVERY movie in the store before it re-opened at 10 am. Sometimes we would lay in the middle of the floor and watch movies on the big screen TVs

6. Espresso Chick - Enough said (made a ton in tips!)

7. Office Painter - In high school my boss paid me to paint the entire office so that he didn't have to hire anyone. It was for the tax office I still work for ....

8. Safety Coordinator - I had to start and manage a safety program. Because the builder made us do it. I pretty much had to print off stupid papers that said "drink lots of water if its hot out" and made the guys sign them...

9. Debt Collector - While working for a remolding company that did work for Home Depot, I was required to call Home Depot and remind them to pay us on the jobs we had done. They would always forget to pay us. I had to call all 13 stores atleast once a month

10. Hot Dog Cooker - I worked at an Espresso Stand (this one was inside the Home Depot, and  yes it is a different company that the previous one) We had to serve steamed hot dogs. It was gross when guys would come in and order them at 5 am. We also had to dump out all the grease.....I still don't eat hot dogs.

(no we didn't use these to cook them, although it would have been funnier!)

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  1. Okay, can your office seriously not buy a bigger shredder for you guys? I mean, they can write it off! ;)

  2. Bahahaha we have like 3 of those, when one gets over heated we switch to another one. This year we are going to a paperless office :) so in 4 years there won't be anything to shread!

  3. You are so funny Audrey! So one drunk boss landed you two well paid side jobs :) I would think if he had less keg deliveries the license would not be an issue..

  4. Ha ha ha you are so right Stasha! Although like I said I made a ton of money off overtime sitting in a truck with a dog :) Wish I could do that job again!

  5. You've has such interesting and varied jobs, Audrey! You must be very resourceful. Fun to learn all this about you!

  6. Your list has me laughing out loud! That picture with the hot dogs...oh my word. And I was thinking the same as Stasha...I wonder if your boss ever got the connection between 3 and 4...

  7. Ha ha ha I doubt he ever got it. I quit that job because he spent the money on himself and didn't have enough to pay his employees anymore

  8. This list is awesome! What a colorful job history :) Which was your most favorite?

  9. Ha ha even though the guy eventually blew the money and held our checks it would be working for him. I was able to go to school and work. Plus I worked with mostly guys in the remodeling business which I love

  10. Some very interesting jobs! I loved working at that video store when I was a teenager. the owner kept it open till midnight, but nonone really came in past 9 pm back we'd just make popcorn and watch a movie: and get paid!

  11. We did get to put more adult movies in after 9 pm, before that they had to be G. Oh and we got to take home Screeners... and preview the movies before they came out for rent. I still have a lot of them :)


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