Friday, March 2, 2012

Social Networking and Dr. Suess

So I went ahead and did it.

Made a Facebook page for this blog.

I was waiting to see if I wanted to keep this blog name before I made a Facebook page. Especially since I found out I am going to be surrounded by boys, doing boy things....

I was thinking of changing the name to "House full of wieners" but my husband pointed out that I would probably only get porn hits..... So true

So, I have since decided to just stick with the original name for now. If I ever change it I will let everyone know of course :)

Anyways, if you look to the right I added those fancy button thingys so you can find me. If they don't work please let me know!

Oh and send your friends :)

Happy Friday!!!

Oh and P.S. - Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! I really need to work on getting the boys more Dr. Suess books.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes!
Dr. SuessDr. Suess dr. suess quote

Dr. Seuss quote


  1. House of Wieners! Ha! Thanks for making me laugh. :) I'm glad you make the FB page. I hope it brings you even more readers! :)

  2. Ha ha it still cracks me up! :) Thanks for all your wonderful support :)

  3. House of Wieners - that could really be interesting to see who stops by. I live at the edge of the Castro in San Francisco so I have a few guesses as to who would be likely to come around, no pun intended. I like the title you have now :)

    Ada is currently stuck on Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now. It is remarkably devoid of memorable or useful Dr. Seuss quotes.

  4. Ha ha ha I would definitly get some interesting searches :)

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