Thursday, January 26, 2012

Train Crayons

Jakah turns two next Friday. Of course he has to have his birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday again this year. Sorry Kid. So since I am trying to not make it all about football I thought I would throw him a train party. (oh and he is ridiculously into trains for some reason!)
Finding train themed party stuff is hard if you don't want Thomas the Train. (which I don't cause that shows drives me crazy! ugh!)
I ended up making his invitations, party favor bags, and train crayons to go into the bags.

I did find out that if using cheap dollar store crayons DO NOT work for this project.

(I also should have taken more pictures,  but I forgot until I was almost done!)

I found this chocolate train mold on Amazon for $6 and figured it would work well for the crayons.

Then I gathered all the broken Crayola crayons I could find. I even found an old plastic tool box of Casey's with brand new, really old crayons in it! Worked great!

Heat oven to 400 degree

Peel off crayons paper (this took FOREVER and I have so many paper cuts under my thumb nail!)

I found lining the cupcake pan with cupcake liners worked best so I didn't have to clean the pan over and over. Oh and use 2 liners so the wax doesn't bleed thru.

I matched all my crayons up to the same colors and did 4 or 5 colors at a time. Since I was using broken crayons I didn't have much wax in each cup.

Heat for about 8 - 10 minutes, checking on them often. You don't want the wax to burn! (it smells horrible!!)

Take pan out of oven and let wax sit for a minute or two before pouring into the mold. Or the mold will melt! (yep did that too!)

After I poured them in the mold I would let the mold sit on the counter for a few more minutes, and then pop it into the freezer until the crayons were hard. About 10 mins total.

Oh and then I started the process all over again! Good thing we were snowed in with no where to go because I made 5,469 million crayons. Ok not really that many, but it felt like it.

I made so many I broke the mold and had to throw it away! But just enough for the 12 party favor bags I needed :)

Here are a few more pictures of how the crayons turned out.

I just put the trains in the goodie bags. My husband asked where I got the labels. He looked so surprised to find out I made them. Guess he never knew I was so crafty!

I'm sure over the next week everyone will be train partied out by all the stuff I will be showing off that I made. (I know I am tired of seeing trains!)

I can't wait to show off the cake though! Its my favorite part :)

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  1. OMG! These are so so so cute! I know the kids will love them!

  2. Those are great! I wish I would have thought to use the liners last time I melted crayons...still trying to clean my silicone baking pan! :)

    1. Oh no!! Did you try heating it back up again?

  3. I saw the crayon idea on another friends blog… but the mold idea into trains is AWESOME!!! Very creative Audrey. The kids will love it!

    1. Thank You! :) It was much easier than I thought!

  4. How clever!! The train mold is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

    1. Thanks for letting me!! Loved all the ideas I saw there!

  5. This is easy!! Now if only I could get hold of a TRAIN mold too! I have a bag of broken crayons already. :)

    1. I was only able to find mine on Amazon. Good Luck!


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