Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WTF Wednesday - 01.04.2012

I don't know if its me being hormonal (I was told it was) or what is going on but I am just annoyed by so much lately. I am still mad at my sister from Christmas (last weeks WTF) so maybe that is contributing?

For the past week Jakah has really amped things up. Its not so much tantrums although yes we are still having those. Its just plain not listening and doing the same things over and over again.

Because you see, he happily runs to time out. Last night, we sat in time out for 10 out of 15 minutes. FOR THE SAME THING. As soon as he would get to time out, he would run over to his table and stand on it. And then run back happily to time out. Its like this about everything his is told no or not to do.

People have told me to "redirect" him... but thats not an option either, he is strongwilled, and honestly its more work to redirect over and over. Its a never ending battle, I am exhausted from it. I spend most my time in timeout also.

And to top it off, now my dad has decided to input his two cents and tell me how to disciple Jakah. I'm all for ideas on what to do but his option is to "beat his ass"..... Um NO not going to happen in my house. (its to the point where I don't want to take Jakah over there because my dad yells at him for any little thing, no matter how small)

Yes I know my kid is being a giant pain in the ass. And yes I also know that he is just as strongwilled, if not more so, than his momma. But this momma is going to win. But "beating his ass" isn't solving anything either.

He is an active, almost 2 year old little boy who will get into things, I get that. But what do you do with a strongwilled child that does the same thing to get into trouble over and over, and then happily runs to timeout? Any Ideas?

P.S. Doesn't He look like Bo Duke in this picture?!


  1. I don't have any bright ideas but I can sympathize.

    My parents still think I should spank/hit/beat/whatever physical punishment they can think of my kids and they're 9 and 12. Also, any bad behavior they have is because I didn't physically discipline them when they were younger. I get so sick of hearing it.

    Hang in there. It gets easier. (Also, he is adorable.)

  2. I remember this type of exhausting frustration when my eldest was younger. Hard to know what to do but you could stop the timeouts. Sounds like he's turned timeouts into a game. So don't play. Make sure he is safe after being in a place he shouldn't be, explain why you are upset and then divert your attention away from him. BUT, I'm no parenting expert and I know it sounds easy on the screen.... As the last comment said, it will get easier!

  3. Just hearing it gets easier makes me feel better. And it really seems to b worse this week so maybe next week will be different.
    I will have to try a different approach to time-out maybe...
    And it is tiring hearing how you are raising your kids "wrong".... probably adding to my frustration even more.

  4. OH goodness first off let me just give you a big ol Hug and a plate of brownies just for you!

    I was in the exact same boat as you at one time. Pregnant with a very stongwilled almost two year old. Seriously Jakah and my oldest sound soooo much alike.

    I stuck to my guns even though it exhausted me and then I also was reminded that someday(yes someday probably far off.)His strongwilledness would be a blessing. He would be able to stand up for the things he believed in and you know what he does.

  5. I remind myself of that a lot. Being strongwilled has worked out for me :) Although my mom says I wasn't nearly as active.
    Yes this too shall pass, its just making it thru the day that sometimes leaves me in tears :)

    It makes me feel better knowing / hearing that its just for now (hopefully)


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