Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WTF Wednesday - 1.25.2012

Dear Direct TV-

We signed up with you two years ago. We were happy with your service for about a year. Then our equipment stopped working right. We called you numerous times, only to have you tell us that either, a) you know about the problem and can't fix it, b) its the weather (even in the middle of a sunny hot summer)or c) our equipment is faulty but I have to pay $50 for someone to come out and make sure I'm not lying. And then perhaps I would get new equipment, that I'd still have to pay a fee for the equipment to be replaced.

I was annoyed then, but put up with it because of the contract. The contract ended a few months ago and my bill went up $40 a month. I called and you kindly took the $40 off for a year.

Now I have received an e-mail from you telling me that I can no longer have the Sprout channel. One of only a few channels my child is allowed to watch. And one of the few reasons I was staying with you. But now it is being taken away, unless I pay more money for the higher channel package. And frankly why would I bother since my equipment STILL doesn't work because I refuse to pay $50 to have you come out.

I find it funny that after reading the Sprout website, they do not agree with what you are doing either. (you can read it here)

I will be calling to cancel our service as soon as I figure out what company to go with instead. Or I may just go with the Roku which will cost me less money anyways.

WTF Direct TV

Better customer service would keep your customers around.


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