Friday, February 10, 2012

Good Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks that everything just goes well. Minus pulling a muscle in my back, picking up Jakah. This has been one of the best weeks I can remember.

The stars have aligned, the moon isn't full, and all the parenting and discipline we have been working so hard at has paid off. (at least for now!)

Jakah has been in a fantastic mood. Eating almost everything in sight, even sitting at the table to eat it. Using his please and thank yous. And just in an overall great mood and fun to be around!

Went shopping at Target with my best friend (YAY!!!). And while I bought stuff that wasn't on my list, I found a TON of stuff I wanted on sale and clearance.
This is familiar.

I love shopping. Wish I could list it as a hobby, or a sport (can I?) I love finding deals, and pride myself on my finds. Oh yes I am that person that brags about my shopping talent.

And while I really want to buy new clothes, there is no point buying new maternity clothes with 3 months left. Plus I hate maternity clothes!

So I looked for other things :) Like a super soft pink towel on clearance for $1... score one for me cause the boys won't touch it!!!

Anyways I found my favorite mascara ON CLEARANCE!! I never find make-up on clearance! (I don't like black, but prefer the chocolate brown or purple even)

A video game I have been wanting 50% off! If you have never played a Lego game you are missing out! They are my favorite! My husband and I like to think they are marriage therapy since you can beat the crap out of each other in the game and you never die! You just get put back together and keep playing. I love it!
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

A sweet St. Patrick's Day t-shirt for Jakah, along with some other shirts and pants on clearance!

And a delicious smelling candle that I am in love with. My house smells so good! Like I just made cupcakes!

So while both these parents are exhausted! We've both been doing double duty, since I'm a working gal now too! (at least for the next few months)

 I am excited that it has just been one of those great weeks!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Maybe he was just going through some weird developmental growth spurt?! Glad it seems to have passed and you had a wonderful week! Let's hope it continues!!!!

    1. I hope so! He has his 2 year pictures on Sunday so hopefully it will stay at least until then!


    B. LOVE Clearance :)

    C. Love anything that smells like chocolate cupcakes!

  3. The first Target stores are due to open here in Canada in 2013!! that's so far away when seeing such great deals!
    My hubby and I play the Lego Star Wars. I am horrible - he kicks my butt every time. I just never know where my character is supposed to go, or what I am supposed to do. How can a man who forgets to pick up my fave ice cream 7 minutes after I've requested it -- remember all 6 levels of a game? LOL

    1. I don't even know how you don't have a target!!! I love Lego Star Wars too, I'm nor very good at it and usually just run around hitting stuff with my light saber LOL


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