Sunday, February 26, 2012

2nd Birthday Pictures

This week for Monday Listicles, Rachel has chosen the topic Pros / Cons of a high school reunion. But I am failing that one. Mostly because I just went to my 10 year 2 years ago. And because I couldn't think of 10 things... or even 5 things..

So instead I'm going to show off that I'm that crazy mom who takes her kid to the portrait studio a million times. Jakah has been there more than anywhere else I think. While we just go to JC Penney (because they are cheap), I feel like if I don't go get these pictures done, they will never get done and I will miss out.

Jakah just had his 2nd year pictures done. We had a guy photographer and it took quite a while for Jakah to warm up to him. Actually they had to call the other girl in to make he smile. Such a ladies man! But they turned out pretty cute and I thought I would show them off!

You might recognize this pose. We had it done at newborn, 6 months, 1 year, and now again at 2 years. I don't think Casey will be able to do it again and I am thankful we had them done because they are some of my favorite!

6 Months

1 year

2 year! 
Its so weird seeing how much he has changed in each picture! I should have done one at 18 months, but didn't.

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  1. What a great series of pictures. Love the ones from newborn to now. Dad's gonna have to start pumping some serious iron to keep that up LOL

  2. OMG I love that you take Jakah to the portrait studio so often. (-: I love the one where he's one and your'e holding him and then you duplicate it - so cute. There can never be too many photos.

  3. He is so so cute! These turned out graet! I'm loving his hair. :)

  4. Brilliant. Love the comparison photo, neat idea. And you can never have too many photos NEVER.
    You look beautiful Audrey!

  5. What great photos! I love the last few, progression from newborn to 2. I wish I had dome something similar with my son.

  6. Paul - You have no idea! The kid weighs 35 lbs!
    Ado - I agree :) I am so happy we did them all :)
    Emily - Thank You! Casey wants me to cut his hair soon
    Stasha - Thank You! Today I was having a bad pregnant day (ie feeling huge!) I needed to hear that :)
    Nona - Thank you! I love that we did it. Trying to think of something a little different for the next one

  7. I love seeing this pictures of you and your family. What a cute little guy you've got there. The series of pictures from newborn on up are great. The changes really are amazing! And I love the wrinkly newborn legs. :)

  8. That onesie idea is super cute! Happy Birthday:)

  9. Thank You! :) The wrinkly legs are pretty cute! Its hard remembering he was that small!

  10. Yes, I love the wrinkly legs too- and all the pics but especially the series at the end. What a cutie!

  11. If I had a cute kid like yours, I'd show him off and take tons of photos too!

  12. Awe thank you! Your's boys are pretty handsome too Tami :)

  13. That is so cool. I love those "arm" shots. Really shows how much he has grown and how fast time flies!

  14. Very good Mommy! ;) I have to find the 2nd daughters' 1st birthday pictures, that's how a mess I am with pictures! What beautiful hair!


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