Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Train Party

We had Jakah's 2nd birthday on Superbowl Sunday. Poor kid, but we made it early enough that people could go home and watch the game still.

Because I am working weekends, and it was Superbowl Sunday, we decided to only invite family. Which is still at least 30 people. Dang big families!

Here are a few pictures of his birthday and his party.

Eating some cookies while making his cake

We got him a big boy bike!

Resting in the balloon pile!

Finally he is into opening gifts!

And singing Happy Birthday

Playing with a few of his toys

It was a pretty good party. 

I can't believe he is 2 already! 

He is such a smart ass already! He was supposed to be sleeping and was kicking the wall, so Casey went in and told him to lay down and go to sleep. So Jakah lays down and starts fake snoring. Bahahahaha! I died laughing!

He is getting his 2nd year pictures taken this weekend and then I think his dad is going to make me cut his hair! And I really don't want to!


  1. What a great party!! LOVE his bike!

    1. Thanks! He loves it too! :) He got a bell for it as a gift!

  2. You can tell your son had a GREAT time at his party! I love that age. My son had the same curly hair when he was a little tyke. Once we got it cut it had to stay short because if it grew back too long, the curls were now waves.

    1. Oh no! Now I really don't want to cut it!

  3. wow he is tall, i would be laughing my ass off too, thats awesome, did cas laugh, looks like it was a good birthday and good weather too. I love his curls, :( sad to see them go, lol

    1. Yeah he is giant! I think he'll carry me around here soon :) And yes Casey laughed


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