Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Un-Expected Bathroom Remodel

Well I shouldn't say this bathroom remodel was un-expected, because we always knew we were going to re-do the bathroom. We bought our house 8 years ago, and have re-done just about every inch, so this was coming. It just came sooner than we were planning.

A few months (maybe a year?) ago we noticed mold / mildew on the ceiling of the bathroom. Even though we scrubbed it off with bleach and cleaners, it wouldn't go away. We figured there was a leak in the attic causing it. My husband decided (after I told him it was horrible for you to breathe mold in!) decided to cut out the drywall and fix it. Only we found out it there was no leak. The 2x4's in the attic were fine and un-damaged.

We couldn't figure out what was going on. We decided to go along with replacing the drywall, put in new faucets, and bought a better overhead fan. We thought maybe the builder grade (ie cheapest!) may have been the cause of the mold problem.

Only we had NO IDEA! Casey installed the new fan, and found out the original one, that was put in by the builder (our house is only 12 years old) was installed BACKWARDS!!! So when you flipped the switch to turn it on, the little flappy thing was closing shut causing no steamy air to escape....

Ugh! Thank God I have a handy husband who has figured out how to do all this work himself. Oh and somehow with a 2 year olds help! Because I have been working on Saturdays and unable to keep Jakah occupied and out of the way.

Needless to say he has fixed the bathroom, sanded the drywall, re-textured and you can't even tell the difference!

Then as a suprise, I came home on Saturday from work to find that he had re-painted the bathroom and the baby's room! WOW!!! (he won't let me help in the painting at all)

He had called my brother-in-law over to help him, and grandma to take Jakah for the day. I had already picked out and bought the paint. My brother-in-law has now painted both my babies rooms! And his wife painted my bathroom last time (it was a suprise for us while she was house sitting)

I was really iffy on the color when I bought it, but now that its up I LOVE it! The bathroom seems so much bigger with so much room now!
Before (ok this is really a bedroom wall, but the bathroom was the same color)


And I get to re-deocrate the bathroom since all our old stuff doesn't match! Yay!!!

When I mentioned this to Casey, he said "You can buy a new shower curtain if you can find one for $10".....

Challenge ACCEPTED!

In 2 days I found one that matches and was only $8! Ha ha Sucker!

Here are the picture! What do you think?!

With my $8 shower curtain!


  1. Very nice! I like it! And what a nice surprise to have all that painting done.

  2. The color has really grown on me and I love it! And it was a wonderful surprise to find all the painting done :)

  3. Do they travel? Can they do my bathroom? The shower curtain find is awesome! Very cute addition to the bathroom. BTW: I have the same kind of shower stall. Our builder didn't even install a fan!!

  4. I love the new color - soft and pretty. GREAT shower curtain find, too. And what a work crew - you should hire them out!

  5. Ah my husband HATES painting with a passion, I don't think he would want me sending him out Ha ha ha! I really love the color, its almost a grown up color!

  6. It's really nice having a handy husband! The paint looks great and the curtain is very cute.

  7. Thanks you! Handy husbands are awesome!


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